Listing Buy it Now on ebay

I had a doll listed on reborns.A lady put it in laya way but now 2 weeks later wants a different doll in layaway which i allowed because she bought another a few days before .
But now when i switch to up for adoption again there is no photo on reborns for adoption page Only in my nussery .So I want to list on Ebay because to me no photo in the public eye You dont have a huge chance to sell. that way.
Anyway what % does ebay take out if you use “Buy it now” and DONT SELL? Anyone know?
Hate to list there and pay a big chunk with no sale.Youre just loosing money then on nothing.Answers i googled are vague

Buy it now and auctions both have not cost me to list only when I sale. Or at least that’s how it’s been for the past few months. Reserve prices in auction style do cost a fee but it tells you, the fee is based on the reserve price I think. When you sale there is about a 10% fee. And as far as goes if you listed her back up for adoption she will rotate on the babies for adoption page after 8 hrs. 1 Baby every 8hrs you have for sale will rotate in that section the front page babies only stay there for a day or 2 unless your a gold member.

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Thanks for the info
ive done auctions and reserve on ebay never a buy it now.Reserver you use ti have to pay sell or not a % on your reserve price. i wondered how buy it now worked.If you paid at the end of it too on full price
…Yes Dave on reborn told me about the 8 hour cycle.Thanks again

Oh one last thing…is there a limit to how many dolls you can put up for sale at one time on