List of BB Modified Kits

So as some of you know BB modified a bunch of their old kits awhile back and changed the way they look. I thought that maybe we should make a list of all the ones that we know of? It’d be pretty useful I think.

I’ll start it off. I know I’ll be missing a few, so fill in the ones that I don’t mention.



Please also add if you think they were modified for the better or the worse:/)

I think they said that Elliot, Grant and Easton are being modified, just not here yet…

Scarlet was modified. I’ve never reborned her, but read that her eyes were too small with the new version.

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Oh yeah I remember that now.

I did Cozy both versions. I have to say it was just more like you were doing another kit instead of a ‘better/worse’ sort of thing…There is more detail in the updated versionbut over all I would have to say they are just ‘different’


I wanted the first cozy, and I really wanted Gabriel. I guess I need to see the new and older side by side to see if I still do. I really loved the first one:-)

Scroll all the way to the bottom, there is a comparison pic of the old vinyl and new. Same with the other modified kits I think.

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