Lisa Sylvia

We have lost another great artist. Lisa Sylvia, a sculptor, reborn artist, and pioneer of Ultimate Fusion paints, has passed. FB posts state that the paints will continue to be produced and any sculpts in production will be completed. Proceeds will go towards raising her children. This is so sad.


I just heard the news. So sad. :frowning:

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So sad :disappointed_relieved:

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How horrible!!! :sob:

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Such sad news :cry:

I am shocked. Just saw it last night when someone sent it to me.
I am so sad for her family.

Very sad. So sorry for her family. Sounds like it was sudden and maybe unexpected. :sob:


I never read anything to indicate she was ill.:cry:

Patty Jarrard passed away, too, a few weeks ago. I believe her memorial was today. She passed away during surgery, but not sure if the surgery was planned.

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I don’t know of Patty Jarrard but so sad so many seem to be gone lately.


Patty’s nursery page has been turned into a memorial page. Her family has been selling all her supplies on the page.

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Good prices too…. I bought Kami Rose from the site…

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