Liquidtex Matt Gel

I have been using Liquidtex Matt Gel to seal the inside of my doll heads. Am I using the correct product? Also, do any of you use this to seal the paint on your dolls?

I use the liquitex mat gel to glue in hair, lashes and glue the magnet

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I’ve only used it on the inside of my heads. My opinion is that it would be very thick and hard to spread as a sealer. JMO

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I use it like Jenni does. I have thinned it with distilled water a bit and used to seal some prisma hair layers.

I don’t use it to seal my doll, but that would be a good experiment. I do use a little in with my paint. I also use it to seal hair.

Thank you all. I have been using it just for sealing the hair but thought I heard someone say they used it as a sealer on the paint. So, I will just keep using it to seal hair.

It can be used as a primer (translucent ground), to set air dry paints or mixed in with the paints to make them stick better. It is not a varnish though.

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