Lip recipe idea?

Sadly my babies all have a running theme and that is
their lips look like they are going out clubbing or heading out on a date. Does anyone have a lip recipe that they are willing to share?

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Lately I’ve been using a black cherry prisma pencil as my base layer for lips. Then going over it with many light layers of reds and pinks til I get the desired color. Basically the lips take nearly as many layers as the baby’s skin does, maybe a few less. Just go with light, translucent colors and go easy :slight_smile:


thank you @MilosMeadows do you wet the prisma? x

Sometimes, if it has trouble going on. Usually it draws fine, and then I blend it with a clean brush with just a touch of thinner on it. I usually line the outside of the lips with it, then blend inward towards the mouth with the brush.


I use the costal scents powders.

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I think I change things each time I paint but I liked a color I got with lip color and baby skin mixed in thinning medium.
But like I said I do things different each time.


@babymaw i tried the coastals but didnt like the lip result not sure why

Thank you for who replied that’s very kind of you xxx