Lip Gloss

Do most of you Gloss your lip or Not?? We really don’t have glossy lips, inside the mouth I can see making it look wet with a bit of gloss but outside? How many of you do it?

Yes, I gloss the lips with Aleen’s Paper Glaze. Generally, baby lips are wet/moist.

I gloss the inside of the lips, but just drag it out a bit towards the outline of the lips. Babies don’t wear lip gloss so I think that going easy on gloss is good. I don’t like nails gloss to a shine either.


I’m in your court Pia, I agree with what you said, I am just finishing a Gabriel and I just glossed inside his mouth. I did put a layer of gloss on his nails but I only use one layer so it’s not too glossy.


I use matte on the lips and nails. If I need anything a little shiny I use satin and of course eyes, mouth, spit…I use glossy.