Lip fix

How can i remove the paint from the lips to redo?or would it be possible to fix with more paint?
I was to told to try a sand eraser but that didn’t seem to help.

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I wouldn’t add more paint. Use just a tiny bit of Windsor and Newton on a Q-tip for the larger parts of the lips and a toothpick for the edges, wiping inward with a dry Q-tip as you go. Then carefully wash and dry the lips and start over.


If you want to try to add a mint green wash just on the lips to tone them down . If your still not happy then use the q tip method to remove and you can start over.

What is it that you’re not happy with?

What is Windsor and Newton is it like an oil thinner ?

Windsor and Newton is a brush cleaner but is amazing for stripping a kit. It is also the safest to use on vinyl.You can find it on but do what was said above and use a q-tip.

Thank you. i usually use 100% acetone nail polish to remove but the vinyl seems to to have a texture of smooth and small fine lines would “smooth” them away a bit losing them.

For the most part acetone isn’t very good for vinyl. I use it to smooth the edges when I open the eyes on a closed eyed kit. It does kind of ‘melt’ the vinyl.

Thank you for your help i will be sure to try out the tips you have given me. i have never thought to smooth out something with acetone until you had mentioned that you do so, some kits i have the lines are so deep in the hands and feet and way too much for my liking. Thanks again! :blush:

I get my Windsor & Newton at Michael’s.

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Yes this is exactly what I have done in the past. Great instruction!