Lindea Gundrun Legler kit to trade!

Hi I have a SOLE Lindea by Gudrun Legler KIT ONLY available with COA! I would like to make a trade!
Some of the kits I’m interested in are:
Moritz by Sabine Wegner,
Tutti natali blick
Livia Gudrun Legler
Grayson Bonnie brown
Larry by natali blick
Atticus LLE

I know there’s more I can’t think of right now, but if you have a kit of equal rarity that you’d like to trade make an offer in the comments and we can go from there!! Even if I didn’t list your kit I might be interested!!!

Awake babies only, prefer no larger than 20 inches. Trying to find the perfect little newborn!


I have a rare limited edition 276 of 350 of Chicklet by Marita Winters, 19" I believe.


Any interest in this trade?