Linda Hill Tutorial

I would like to purchase a tutorial from Linda Hill can anyone tell be how to do that or who would carry them. I looked up her nursery on google and of course it leads me to Facebook and I have NO IDEA how to use Facebook. Need help please!!!


Don’t feel bad, Lynn. I have never gotten the hang of FB either. I have my regular family page but beyond that I’m in water over my head!

Are you taking any classes at ROSE?

I’m not sure, where did you see that she has a tutorial? I did a Google Search for her and it sent me to a site which had her facebook link and her website link, when I clicked on her website link, it took me straight to fb. So I left her a message asking her and will let u know what she says if I get a reply.

@lynn, she just messaged me back…

36 pages 4C from cleaning to sealing!
PDF $50, hard copy $75
The one I use in my ROSE advanced painting class

PayPal to


She just sent more pics…


I actually saw it while I was looking at the classes listed on the ROSE website. I would love to have it but it is $75 and is included in the cost of her class if you take it. I unfortunately can’t take her class but I would sure love to. Thank you for all this information,


No Helen, I would love to so much but I just can’t afford it. I am only booked into the hotel beginning Thursday and I also have to board my dog so if I could even get the cost of the class together I would have to increase my hotel stay (if that would even be possible) and extra days for the dog at a small fortune each day. So I would love, love, love to join you and Amy and Mandy and Blissfulbabies (think she’s going) in your class but I just can’t. I am really glad you guys will all be there when I get there though.

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wish you could make it Lynn! I will be assisting Linda in that class!
There are a lot of women that are driving together…I don’t know where you are but maybe you could find someone to share a ride and a room with?

Thank you I wish I could too!! I would love to meet you too, hopefully I will get a chance to do that anyway. Thanks for the shout out!!