Lily Gold rooting

OMG, have you seen her rooting? How is it possible? I can monoroot if I have the patience. I can root sparsely with effort. BUT I don’t even understand this wizardry. How do you style rooted hair this way?? What tool do you use to move individual hairs? How does she get it to lay so flat and stay?!? New dream artist right here. I would love one of her babies, but I’m pretty sure I couldn’t even afford the layaway on a doll like this. :drooling_face:


Wow! That is amazing indeed. I believe some spray conditioner or a bit of water and then comb/brush the hairs in the desired direction. In order to hold the hair in place, you can wrap the hairstyle in saran wrap once finished.

Your rooting is beautiful as well!

Thank you, but I am nowhere near this. You best believe I’ll be shooting for it though :wink:

I am wondering what the upkeep is like. Will it stay nice or can you never touch the doll ever? Is it applied?


I am wondering if it is painted hair. I have seen a good many pictures of painted hair that looks like it HAS to be rooted, but it is painted. Just a thought. It truly is amazing.

I was wondering that as well.

Give yourself some credit! Your work is incredible :slight_smile: however, I do understand wanting to exceed in one’s talent. You go girl!

It is rooted. Amazing, but true.

Maybe she puts a little gel in it?

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Wow she’s amazing

Amazing! I can only dream.

I think mono rooted, brushed with a round toothbrush head when wet then air dry for pictures…

I think it is styled/brushed like Nikki does here.

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I think Jenni is right…if you use some gel that doesnt contain alcohol…wet hair…apply gel…style with tooth brush…let dry and gently loosen the hair…or not…depending on the look you want…:+1: