Lighting what sun bright?

I need some light to work by in the evening bought a craft lamp from hobbie lobby but my kitchen lights arr brighter.Whats a good light for doing babies at night?and where did you find it ?

Ott Lite Jo-Anns they are on sale this week and you can use coupons they are very high without over $150.

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I got a Bell & Howell daylight floor lamp from for $49.98. They have a desk lamp too.


Where do you get them? I tried Walmart and they didn’t know what I was talking about. Of course, these are the same people who said quizzically ‘Birth control?’ when I asked if they have birth announcements.


They have some for about 70.00 with sale it would be 50%off.

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otilite bulbs?

yeas sgo i had a floor lamp was $30 from a store that gets overruns of things they claim then sell cheaper.It was a great lamp eventually the arm broke after some years.Had a bulb like this lamp i bought from hobby lobby but was much brighter

Lol. That’s terrible!!:confused:

I have the OttLite floor lamp I got at JoAnn’s. I use it for painting, rooting and lighting for doing photos.

Wow!! lucky!!

Ill have to look for those lightbulbs

I have switched my florescent bulbs to daylight bulbs and my photo lights have them too.

Humm thats an idea .!!

You can buy them at Michaels! Use the coupon!

The bulbs or the lamps?

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Both! :heart: