Libby Sculpt

i just recieved the Libby sculpt. She is huge and the head is big. Not sure if that is realistic.
Has anyone reborned this one yet?
Thank you

BB Libby? Why would a bigger baby not be realistic?

Her head is a weird shape. It’s super long, if that makes sense. It looks too big for her sometimes. I have a Libby made by another artist and I wouldn’t have bought her if I saw that head first lol

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Oh pooh she is a lovely sculpt and very realistic when finished. She was one of my favs.I loved mine when I finished her. Really if you like her thats what counts enjoy creating her and then decide if you are happy with the sculpt for yourself



Yours looks great! I think this is a sculpt that needs hair for sure. Mine is a baldie and I’ve never gotten around to rooting her.

Not every sculpt can carry off b being bald and Libby is one who needs hair. Root yours Milos and you will be happy with her.:sunglasses:

I’m not gonna bother with rooting her. I didn’t paint her and I have no bond with her. She just sits there so I’m not worried about her too much.

I have done 3 Libbys, all with painted hair. Her head shape is adorable to me and I even contemplated leaving her bald.


I personally love the Libby sculpt! I don’t think the head’s shape is weird at all. I totally think she looks realistic! she looks like she could be a large, chubby newborn to me. in fact one of my libby sculpts that I have is a baldie and she’s one of my favorites! But all of this is just my opinion. I think maybe you should just reborn yours and see if you like her or not.

She’s ADORABLE!!! :heart_eyes:

I’ve reborned Libby a couple of times but no pics on my phone. I love a big chub! :blush:

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This Libby by @cajuncuties is so cute


All these comments are making me want to get a Libby. Fat bald babies are the norm in my family. LOL


I also reborn Libby and thought she was very cute she was adopted and I just got pictures not long ago from her momma she is thrilled with her .

I loved Libby and had a hard time parting with mine. She sold very fast and I have had several requests for her as a custom in the same skin tones (but I don’t have time for customs). Here is mine- she was one of my very first babies so I may have to paint her again to compare my work.


I’ve done a Libby and she does have a big head but it fits her. This is what the blank kit looks like from different sides. Maybe it’s squished. If so that’s fixable.


@jennyk She is adorable and your soft coloring suite her so much! I don’t know why I never pay attention this sculpt. Now I need to add her to my ‘want’ list. :heart_eyes:


Can Libby’s legs be put on a full body?

Thank you! You should definitely paint her. I am sure yours will be beautiful!

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I love libby. I actually think she’s one of the most realistic (non-realborn) kits that BB offers. She makes a beautiful baby when completed, even as a baldy.

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Yes, her legs can be on a full leg body.

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