Libby- big hauss

just an observation- Libby looks like big hauss on pawn stars! Right??? I wish I could do a side by side. Anyway- named my Libby … HAUSS :smiley:


I just looked at her again. Sadly, she does resemble him! Poor baby! Is yours a girl or boy?

Boy! Lol little hauss! Haha!

I love the fatness! Fat and happy! What’s not to love???


Lol thought you meant Hauss from bonaza haha. Still fits either way

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OMG!!! LOL!! Yes, she does!!

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Right??? I have been wTching pawn stars all day cuz I’m couch ridden. Lol it’s biazzare… I might email him and show him his doppelgänger!


You should!!! I don’t know, if he’ll appreciate it, because he seems to think he still looks like he did, when he was a wrestler in high school. But, oh well!! Go for it. Why are you couch ridden?

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Baby ! Lolol

Now I have to do it!!! I need his email address! Lololol

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Yeah, he thinks he’s a stud. Go for it!!

We’re you put on bed rest?

Pretty much, it’s ok to move around the house. I can shower and sit up. But nothing crazy like carrying laundry or excetsize lolol

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Haha glad to hear you’re doing okay, Nikki!! :heart:

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I can see the resemblance.


Totally right???

Take it easy. Let us know how that goes with Big Hoss.

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That’s definitely him as a baby!!!

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That’s funny. I would never ha be picked up on that because I don’t watch TV anymore.


I never am a TV watcher!!! Except chopped! Lolol but… I like this show because I learn a lot about the history of the items:-) and that Libby is little hoss!