Liah by Tina Kewy Pre-Order started

I just noticed Liah by Tina Kewy. She is a 18" baby and pre-orders started. Prototype on eBay.
I love Tina Kewy baby’s and looking forward to reborn one this year.
Happy Pre- ordering !!!

Based on Tina’s past performance with kit delivery, it may be 2015 before you receive it?

I am not sure, they promised David and James for 2013 fall and still nobody know when is going to be avaiable.I think Finn was late too. To bed if they are holding people money even is only $20 or $30.
this are expencive so they don’t run out fast… I am new so no experience…just I read once for a special kit it was sold out in a couple of minutes. Liah is a LE of 1000.

She is so pretty and that auction is beautiful!!! I would consider pre-ordering but I really have to work on some of my stash first.
S*andie says the release date will be early February. But of course it could be earlier or much much later It does include
a custom body so that’s at least something.

Amen! but…is there a link to this auction?

Here is the Doll Fan link.
Here is the auction. … 27dd4f483a

I just had e-mail from the PRE order as Liah is ready to be shipped. She is sweet like other Tina Kewy sculpts. Still sorry who ever preordered David and Jamie they don’t know when is going to be on stock.