Levi's legs

I absolutely love how the Levi kit has curled up legs! What are some other kits that are similar?

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Trouble, Kiara by Nikki Johnston

Trouble Johnston
Kiara Johnston
Rosalie olgar

Corvin Alternkirch

Yes…corvins legs are ALOT like Levi’s…he is soooo cuddly!!!

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Welcome! I love Levi’s legs also. It’s what a real baby would do with its legs.

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Trouble is the most cuddly baby Ive ever made so he goes at the top of the list.
Khloe Marie Winters
Rosalie Auer

Im painting Corvin now and I guess his legs are quite curled up as well.

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I can’t wait to get a Corvin, Damn all these kits. could use a money bump into richness

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Is Corbin out yet?

Corvin is was out, he’s back on preorder

Depending on how you pose her Realborn Jennie’s legs curl right on up about like that. Maybe not as tightly curled but similar enough. :slight_smile:

Looks like Warren Ross might have em too
and Roux Brace