Levi- ? Time limited edition?

Good day, I’ve looked but can’t seem to find the answer, on MacP crafts it says Levi Brown is open edition but time limited. Can anyone tell me when the time limit is? Just wondering, he’s my FAVORITE kit so far. Thanks

I would contact macP and ask them what they mean


I submitted my question at Mack hears on, waiting for a reply. Don’t know why I didn’t think to do that first blush

MacPhearson (my phone autocorrected)

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@MacPhersonCrafts they check this forum as well.



Time limited means that the sculptor can choose not to produce anymore of the kits. The option to not produce anymore is usually based on kit sales. That is my understanding of the term “time limited”.

Oh my, I need to get one more. He’s a good seller though so I would think she would keep producing him?

I would think so; he’s very popular.

thank you for tagging me! :wink:
Normally when Bonnie first comes out with a kit she will do a first edition limited number (this has a closing date) & then after that is done the next is the Time Limited second edition. So it simply means the COA’s continue to be numbered but she decides when it will shut down.
We usually get plenty of heads up ~ so no need to worry.
Hope this explains it well enough.
hUgs Brenda XOXOXO


Good day, thank you @cajuncuties & @MacPhersonCrafts. That makes sense. Have a wonderful day, everyone .

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Thank you Brenda!! :heartpulse:

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