Levi by Bonnie Brown question

I’ve been staring at the Levi kit by Bonnie Brown lately :heart_eyes: Anyone here buy this kit? If so, what did/do you think of it?

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A lot of people have reborned Levi. Most seem to love him.

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I loved his kit! I’ll probably make more once it’s in stock again

I love him he is one of my forever babies.

He is back in stock. I’ve bought 2 in the last week.


He is lovely! I love everything about him

It was in stock a few days ago . I reborned him 4 times ( 1 girl and 3 boys )

I don’t like him, but so intrigued that everyone just Uhhhh-Ahhhhh about him, that I ordered him.


I painted him twice. Would never do it again. I honestly really dislike the sculpt.

Why do you dislike the Levi sculpt?

Why dont you like him?

He’s just not my favorite. I don’t love his limbs, they’re hard to pose in any position other than curled up. I don’t like his face, he’s just not my thing. I very much prefer small dainty sculpts. Everyone has different preferences in sculpts, and I’m very much in the minority not liking him. Most people do.

I love his limbs but not his face. I have only made one and it took almost a year to sell. I will not make an other.

His limbs are why I’m asking folks if they like him. I could see by his pics that his legs will only look natural with just a few poses.

I think he is more a baby to hold than to pose.

Oh wow! Maybe it took a year to sell because the market was saturated with lil Levi’s?

I surely hope that was the case, and not that my work sucks!:joy: Yes there are a lot of Levi, Saskia and Twins A/B out there.

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I love Levi, fell in love as soon as I saw the kit, I know some people don’t like Levi’s limbs and face, I’m fond of the his little sleeping face, and the limbs are my favorite part, I think the limbs are either a love or hate thing, I love how curled up and cuddly my personal collection Levi is. Fits snuggled up into your arms really well like a newborn

I think he looks realistic just like a brand new baby :two_hearts:

I adore little Levi! I have reborned him 3 times and just ordered 2 more to do. Thinking I may make myself one. I love how cuddly he is, like a real baby.