Let's talk hair

I want to buy some mohair to root. Let’s say a 18 to 20 inch doll

how long

how much

who is your favorite seller


following :slight_smile:

It really depends on the person rooting to how much you need and what hair you use. I really like so far Russian hair from Karman Dolls (Etsy) or the quirky chromatist hair which is excellent quality also and she is in Michigan :slightly_smiling_face: typically a newborn head, you might use a 1/4 oz to 1/2 oz of hair depending on thickness but I haven’t used more than that with those two I mentioned above, little to no waste :heart:
I doubt I have ever fully used a half oz on only one head but I also haven’t done super thick hair just medium thickness so far at most :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh and super curly hair I like Hunny Bun Reborns mohair for a nice curl but it isn’t ringlets more like a serious wave! Seems like a lot of waste but the hair goes a long way for buying 1oz At a time.

Newborn head?

I love Kamandolls from Etsy and one order can root two or three newborn size heads if you cut the hair into thirds. I rooted newborn June and Darren and I’m rooting Alexa.

Usually her hair is 5-6 inches long
About $7.00 per order and free shipping over $35.00

Of course right now shipping is taking forever due to the pandemic and overs are being quarantined in Russia. Peeps have mentioned they are still waiting for orders made in March but have received orders made in May soooo things may have started slowly moving

I’ve used mohair from Angora Mohtique several times and I really like it. I’ve also bought mohair from Js Premuim, which is also very nice. It took awhile to ship so he sent me a bunch of extra. I’ve also used some alpaca hair from Etsy that was very nice, but I find that the needle grabs the mohair much easier and it’s faster for me to root mohair than it is alpaca.
I find that i need atleast a 1/4 oz for one head… I am still a new rooter so i tend to waste more than others. I also like to make sure i can get the entire head done with the batch i have that way i don’t run into coloring issues.