Let's Show our Work, or WIP!

Hey guys. I love to see what you guys are working on it gives me inspiration to continue on reborning when it gets tough. Wat have you guys been working on or have recently finished? I am starting a londyn kit and finishing up a shyann kit. This is my shyann before the eyebrow cutting and lashes


My picsare too big, but I just finished a tiny Mini Yawns, renamed Adeline Hope, to be auctioned off to raise money for an animal rescue that I foster for. I’ll resize a few and post them!

@BusyBeeNursery Your Shyann is super cute!


My AA Greta. I haven’t seen many that were AA


Waiting (and waiting, and waiting, and waiting…) for the glue to dry in my Nevaeh so I can finally finish assembling her

And I just started a Maizie and a Spencer. So far I have the base layers and the first round of undertones done.

I love your Shyann. Her eyes and hair are gorgeous!


Here’s tiny Adeline! My first true AA baby!


Thank you. I am working on a kit soon and all the funds will go to a child with cancer. Love reborning for a cause!


I love your coloring you are doing great so far. He looks adorable or she?

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That’s a great cause! This is my second baby for the kitties! And #3 is on pre-order! My profile pic is actually my beautiful foster boy, so I directly see the benefits of the babies I’ve donated


Thanks! I’m not sure on the gender. I really don’t have a clue… by this time I’m usually able to tell but I jiust don’t know.

Waiting for the glue to dry is like Ahhhhh!! I’m also waiting and I just wanna skip this phase and assemble…Lol oh my the kit you are working on with the two heads in a picture I love the kit with the bigger head. So gorgeous

He’s completely sweet. So small and cute

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It’s looking like a he. But hair changes the face so much. But for now I see boy


Thank you! We’re getting ready for his first birthday! That’s what happens when you get adopted/fostered by a photographer lol Here’s the WIP of the setup for his pics, blue and gold! Stuffed kitty is a stand in for my boy lol


Thanks I think I will go with a boy. I’m going to finish up the painting and see if I see boy… we will see🙂

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I just finished this sweet girl.


Hopefully u post a finish product. Love what you have thus far

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In absolute aww she is so precious. Love the second picture…Lol. great baby

Aww…Lol looks like the pictures will be great
. Cute setup

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The bigger kit is BB’s Spencer. I never really cared for this kit until I saw @katieperry version she posted in this post http://discourse.bountifulbaby.com/t/reborn-newborn-baby-girl-spencer-complete/51064
After I saw that gorgeous version, I changed my mind completely about Spencer and had to try making him for myself! I love his chubby cheeks and limbs!


Thanks! It’ll be nicer when it isn’t 1:30am and there’s natural light lol I’m pretty sure he’s going to be super mad about the crown, but he can tolerate a bowtie.If not I can use the setup for my nephew’s birthday in a few months

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