Let's do a Valentines Day round Robin edited;

I guess I should put dates on this. LOL I will accept pms until January 25 and the 26th I will pm you the persons name and then you can several days to mail the round robin out say starting the 8th so everyone will have by the 14th.

Theme is Valentines Day or Love
Nursery name;

Real name;


3 Are you willing to send packages internationally?

4 List the gender and size of each keeper you have.

5 Name 5 types of items you would like to receive through this swap.

6 What is your Favorite color ?

7 Do you use magnetic pacifiers, bottles, or hairbows?

8 Are you allergic to smoke/pets/scents?

9 What is your Birthday date? (No need for the year just month and day-please type out the month like October or Oct)

10 Do you like baby bracelets?

11 What is your favorite animal?

12 What is your favorite scent?

13 What is your favorite flower?

14 Do you like frilly or simple?

15 Would you like Holiday items for your baby?

ok, this will be my first… i hope this goes well.


Me too of course. I’ll see if I need to make any changes to my info but probably not. Let me know if you don’t have it.

dj send it back I think I have a gremlin in my computer! I am going to save this stuff on my extrenal hard drive and print them out!

Debora, I am thinking about this one and I will let you know soon.


Anyone else!!! You gotta love valentine’s day. Roses and candy and cards…not my hubby, he hates shopping! So I need this swap! I get lots of love but no presents. Maybe we can whip up some enthusiasm on here.

Oh please, let’s do this for my first one this will be fun to see how this works and get things to send.

I need you to fill out the questions and pm me the answers

I have had 3 sign up and wanted to bump this up!