Let's do a Halloween Round Robin!

I am home for a while and I have never organized one of these and I apologize ahead of time if I do something wrong or I forget something. Since this is Halloween lets really have some fun. I have so many ideas for whomever My husband draws for me. Sorry I have had all morning home cleaning and I have to slow my brain down. If I do forget something feel free to hollar and we will add to in.


  1. Forum name;

  2. Nursery name;

  3. real name and your address, (please remember your zip code);

  4. Since Halloween is not Halloween without candy, do you have any food allergies?

  5. Just in case, do you have an aversion to scary or gory things?

  6. Is there anything you have in mind for your swap? Props or bottles or hair barrettes, pacifiers…?

  7. what size and sex is/are your keeper(s)?

  8. If you could be anything/anyone what or who would you be?

I think a good goal is to have these filled out by October 1 0900 and I will have time to print the names off and get hubby or daddy to draw the names and I will email as soon as I can that day. Maybe mail them by 20th. Send me the date you mail your package to your partner, so I can make sure no one gets left out, surely no one will do that but…

Sounds like fun! I’ve been on CORA but also miss the friends here and the connections. I’ll pm you my info right away…well, after I copy the questions! My memory is worse than yours today. I’ve barely slept for three days due to sinus infection and costochondritis (pain in chest wall). I’m not into Halloween much now the kids are grown and almost grown. Miss dressing them up. Of course, they used their costumes all year long to play in. So let the fun start! Things might not get there in time for Halloween but candy is good anytime of year! Especially chocolate! and it won’t melt in the mail as easily in the fall!

I would love to be a part of the Round Robin but my surgery is on Oct 1st and I would not want to let anyone down. So I better sit out this time Will you be having a Christmas Round Robin? If so I want to be part of that one for sure!
djjessie, I hope you are feeling better soon and I will keep you in my prayers.

Sorry to hear you have to have surgery. I will see how this goes. I hope to be able to do more for sure. I did not have a limit set I forgo that and shoot what is the normal limit? We will do what has been done in the past I guess. Anyone remember what it was or have a suggestions?

Debora, you should be able to find the older post from the last RR. It is early and I’m off to work, otherwise I would find the link. I will check when I get home to see if you found the info.

You are welcome! I hope a lot of people participate.

I just wanted to rind everyone it is one ore week to sign up for the round robin.

by 0800 Oct 1

Deb I’m glad your doing this it sounds like a lot of fun and with a lot of negative crap happening with me latly i could use some fun

Crystal it seems a lot of people are in rough times. I hope this brings some happiness to everyone involved.

Hoping everyone is going to join in the fun! I think last time they had a month to send everything out but I’ll double check if I can find it. It might be too late to send out Halloween stuff (except for candy!!!) but fall outfits or blankies or something to get our babies ready for cold weather! Wondering if it would be too early to send Christmas themed stuff? Or are you going to do the Christmas one starting in Nov.? That way people could dress their babies up during Dec. Of course, I keep forgetting that you have down whether they want holiday stuff or not.

September is running out!!! Sign up, people!!! And debora, if you ever need help with these contests, let me know!

O know I apologize for the Halloween sign up being short but until I got hurt and pretty much quit my job I did not have time to think much less do a swap. I think we should do a Christmas on if this goes ok. I have a lot going on but I appreciate the offer and I may just take you up on the offer. I am hoping with 2 weeks deliver things will be ok. My private swap will be mail around Oct 1.

Just take it easy on your wrist and don’t go back to work too soon on lifting people! Glad you are getting to root some at least.

y no I am not rooting yet my wrist hurts too much. I will not be going back to work in EMS but 1 24 hour shift a month. I want to keep license and skills up. i did some painting of monkeys I have orders for for Christmas. I have 3 ordered.

I am bumping this up for those who are thinking of doing this it is time to fill it out.
I have the following people signed up and a couple more say they will;
Debora Jenkins

We have another person added to our numbers.

Neisie’s Nursery…even if you don’t reborn but still play with dolls, you could join in a round robin! It is more exchanging things for the dolls than reborning supplies, so come have fun with us!

I am bumping this up one more time. Tonight is the last chance to sign up.