Came across this site while searching for glass eyes. Anyone know if it’s legit? Seems to be a lot of authentic items but then there’s the knock offs too.


My computer wont let me open it, says it is not secure

I just placed an order for the following. Used my credit card. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. There was no shipping charge.

1 ea. 1" Inch Glass Eyeballs Human Taxidermy Doll Eye Halloween Fantasy Supply 25mm $6.59
1 ea. 1" Inch Blue Glass Eyes Taxidermy Doll Fantasy Craft Sculpture Eyeball Set 25mm $6.83
1 ea. 14" Ultra Thin Cable Ties 2.5mm metal tooth Reborn doll cloth body zip 50 pack $4.69
1 ea. Plastic Baby Doll Sound Box Laugh Cry Sound Doll Generator Reborn Supplies $1.04
1 ea. DIY Reborn Doll Supplies Pure Mohair Brown Hair for Newborn Baby Looks Real $3.86
1 ea. Reborn Doll Pacifier 10 X Strong Rare Earth Neodymium Magnet Discs 10mm x 5mm $12.15
1 ea. 5 Baby powder scented wafers for reborn baby car air freshner supplies

Looks like it’s being shipped by courier so there will be extra fees. Oh well.

Their “reborn” and “silicone” dolls aren’t. So why expect anything else to be on the up and up?


Didn’t Bloomers and Bows go out of business? Looks like some of the items are from their site.

Also super weird that they say they’ll ship to nearly anywhere in the world, but don’t change any shipping cost?? Looks too sketchy to me. Good luck!

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Bloomers and Bows went out of business years ago when Elena passed away.

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thanks, I’ll let you know if it arrives.

Idk if it’s legit or not, but going off the fact they sell knock offs, at least half their photos are stolen from other dealers like hunny buns/BB/miranda bell Sharman who runs a reborn supply “store” on FB.
I would say nope


I noticed their “silicone vinyl”baby has hand rooted hair and is from. China😩

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I think you might be right

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I fell for a knockoff in the beginning too, unfortunately. However, now you have an idea of what to look for and avoid. Ask for help here before you buy again. I ignored the advice and got burned.


Sorry to hear that. I called my credit card company today and canceled the card. Thank you for your advice. I will definitely be more careful next time.

Isn’t that a baby by someone on here? I’m positive I’ve seen those pictures before.

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Is it maybe Phyllis Schomaker? I’m sure I’ve seen those pics on reborns.com

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Your right. That is her baby!

Their name, Duepszer, sounds like “dupe.”


@pschomaker Check this site for your pictures.

I cant open it, my computer doesnt trust it

Yep. That’s @pschomaker baby. :confused:

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Those are my pictures. Thanks everyone. I will be checking into getting this removed.