LE Abigail - Reborn Doll Kit - by Laura Tuzio

Did anyone order LE Abigail - Reborn Doll Kit - by Laura Tuzio. If you don’t mind could you share what you do or don’t like about this kit! I pre -ordered her and she was shipped out today!

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I ordered her. I loved the way she looked with a bald head. And her limbs looked a little chunky. I haven’t seen the kit in person yet. Only thing I could say that may not be my favorite is her lips.

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I love this kit and it will be a keeper. It reminds me of my now 13 year old son when he was a baby.

I pre ordered her and haven’t been invoiced or heard she was going out. Where did you order her from? I used Irresistables and have heard nothing. thank you

I ordered from dollsbysandi.com. I pd my I voice last week and received an email yesterday saying she had shipped.

I did not order; sticking to my kit diet but I think she is adorable !!! can wait to see other versions of her.

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Gosh I have checked all my sites and everyone says she is not shipping yet? I am waiting for my invoice to pay, checked McPherson, Dolls by Sandie, Irresistables, Creative dolls and none of these are shipping yet.

Oh wow, I don’t know what to tell you. I paid my invoice last week and dollsbysandi.com shipped her out yesterday. They even sent me the tracking number

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Yes! I also got an email today saying she was shipped. I can’t wait!

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I received my Abigail today n I love her. She resembles my son as a baby…

Forgot to mention that I love those chunky legs. My son weighed almost 10 lbs n my daughter over 10 pds.


I finally got my invoice and shipping label is done so should ship soon. Yaaay

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YAY! Happy you finally received an update! You are going to love her/him lol.

Well now we want to see a baby pic of your son, lol!

Oh she’s cute. What size baby is this? Looks chunky.

20-21 inches