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I don’t know this woman, however her status shouldn’t matter. If there were a valid reason for her acting the way she is then she should have messaged you. Going on what you’ve said something sounds very fishy. I would be angry too. Sorry you’ve had this experience.

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Thank you for your support. It’s one thing if she was at least working on the baby but at this point (since April) I’ve been waiting for her to receive the kit. Now today is August 1st. Way too long to be waiting for a kit to arrive.

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I would ask for a refund and cancel. Let her know that lack of communication was the deciding factor for you. Have the kit sent to you and deduct it from your expected refund. You never know what is going on in someone’s life, but this is a business transaction that is not being fulfilled. From here on out, only communicate what is absolutely necessary; don’t make it personal.

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I asked to cancel months ago and she Told me she would only do 50% which at that time she hadn’t even ordered the kit. This was when she said she wouldn’t be shipping due to corona a few months back. At 50% she would still make the exact same amount as if she had done the work.

Can’t you cancel it through PayPal letting them know the order wasn’t fulfilled and request a refund through them?

I attempted that. Paypal has not been useful during COVID. Even with “covered purchases” they are siding with the person at fault. If you go on the paypal Facebook page and view comments under any post, there are hundreds of customers saying they were scammed and paypal sided with the scammer without further investigation.

Did you contact them online or actually speak to them? Sometimes talking to someone gets better results. This just isn’t right.

They have no representatives in their call center. Everything is automated. It takes hours or days to be contacted but even when I attempted that they never allowed me to speak with anyone.

eBay has a chat feature that helped me. Do you know if paypal has one? I would try that if they do.

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Yes the chat feature had told me, I would get a response within 24 hours but I never did

Just to show you how bad it’s gotten I’ve scrolled one comment section on PayPal’s Facebook page. I didn’t skip any customer messages. These came one after the other. EVERY SINGLE comment thread on their page looks like this. Not a good time to be scammed on paypal

Covid or not, this is inexcusable.


I know it. It makes me not even want to use their services

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