Last call for july reborn swap

if anyone else would like to join let me know by tomorrow morning …Come on it will be fun …

Thank you again for doing this. I hope to be able to start reborning next week. If my thumb stays shut I can. Do you want pics pmed to you or are we going to post somewhere or what?

— Begin quote from “Windyday2”

Okay I want to apologize ahead of my stupid questions. I’ve never done a swap, however I’m really excited about it. However I’m confused on a couple of things.

Barbara is the name chosen for me… Does that mean her and I swap babies? Or does someone else have my name? Utterly confused. Lol

What time table are the swap babies expected too be delivered?
Are we suppose to be contacted by our swapee’s?

Thanks for any help on this.

— End quote

That means you make a baby for your person. Most likely someone else has your name. I think the babies will be delivered around July 4th. The swapee will not contact you until after she receives her baby because it is supposed to be a secret. You will post pics and a thank you on the forum after you receive your baby. Hope this helps.