Large glass beads

Are these good? Or too large?
I know they are bigger then BB, but am hoping they won’t leak out of a nylon.
Would that have that nice soft squashy feel the way a nice soft weight nylon does, would it be good in limbs also or too much empty space between beads?

I am thinking the bigger the better but that might not be the case.

I have never used the #1
I use #3 more then any of them, but #2 is also one I have used and like.

As long as it’s glass and there are no jagged edges, it’s fine.
I’m sure you could even use marbles for weighting. :smile:

That would be a not-very-cuddly baby

True, but it could work for in the head I suppose. Or only in small quantities. Not as the only way to weight the baby.

That is what i would be using, if i could still get them, to weigh the body, but not in limbs. Those i am getting now are little bit smaller. For limbs i get the finest I can.

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If I get real fine for the limbs it won’t be dusty? Like inhaling glass? Would it be safe?

Not if you seal it properly. This is what I do;

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I have gotten the bigger ones before and I don’t like the way they feel as well as a bit smaller.

They are perfect. These are actually the ones I prefer. For awhile I couldn’t get the #1 so had to settle for the #3. They’re good, go for it. Believe me, they are still Small.