Lara Antonucci's tutorials on sale: Buy 2, Get 1!

If you’ve wanted to try some of Lara’s tutorials, now is the time. Her FB page said the sale was only for a couple more days.



Thanks, Amy!

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You’re welcome, Karen. :blush:

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They haven’t been my absolute favorite but have picked up a few things from them. I try to buy hers when they go on sale.

Darn. I just spent what I had at BB’s sale. Phooey.

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LOL, Helen! Keep checking her site for individual ones on sale.

I do. I have only bought three, but I love them. Her toddler class will be up soon I think, I still don’t know what doll I’m doing.

Well, you better get busy and get a baby for that, Helen. :relaxed:

Actually, I have three but can’t choose. I have Kitten and Lena and Katie-Marie. I’ve been making newborns for awhile and haven’t done a toddler. I want to use powders on Katie, so she’s out. That leaves Kitten and Lena. I’ll probably do Lena. People win logos in the contests on that forum. What does that mean? I mean, where can you use the logo, on the forum? On your website? (I don’t have a website) I don’t understand the concept. That’s the problem with the REAL forum. Everybody seems to understand what’s going on there but I always feel lost and come home here. I’ve been a member there way longer (under three versions of Honojane) but I think I’ve only posted 5 times. No one ever answers. That’s not quite true. Pia answered me once. I always feel out of place there.


You’re free to use the logos wherever you want. You can even put them in your ads and auctions.

I don’t feel “at home” over there, either. The forum is clunky to use; I love the ease of the BB forum! There is a lot of into there, though. I haven’t gotten to know the members like I do here.

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Yeah. I read a lot of tutorials over there and follow a lot of links but I don’t hang out there.

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I like the color-mixing section but it can be a bit difficult to find what you’re looking for. It’s nice to just read through, though.

I am over there alot and have won a few of the AOTM competitions. I have the first one I won as my “siggy” on REAL, but haven’t used it anywhere else. The AOTM logo is pretty weak and doesn’t have a picture of the winning baby and if you crop it to size, it cuts of the month and year that is at the very bottom. I go over and read the threads and comment on some of the posts, but never show in WIP or completed babies because no one really cares! They do have some helpful tutorials listed though.

Yes, that I’ve noticed! :neutral_face:

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This helpful conversation would most likely never occur over there.

Oh, it surely wouldn’t happen there! :smile:

I have a few of her e-books, they are OK I guess. Here’s a hair painting tut kinda from her, it goes thru the steps but just doesn’t say the colors she’s using. It shows them the, hope this helps for who wanted to see her hair painting tut, I’ve never seen her e-book on this so I’m not sure if this is the same or something different.

I totally agree. The hair painting is AWEFUL! I am surprised that she hasn’t taken it down and redone it. The end result looks like she did it with crayons.

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I agree too, but never seen her hair painting e-book so not sure if it’s worth it and any better than this, or this is just really old I guess.

Her hair painting tutorial covers both Genesis Paints and Prisma Pencils. Here’s the final pics of the painted head.