Ladybug's clothes?

I made a couple before, but it’s been a while. Can someone please tell me what size clothes to buy for her, TIA

6-9 month is what size I used, and size 2 shoes

I buy 6-9 mo and size 3 shoe

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I didn’t realize Ladybug was that big.
Such a fun size to dress. I find a lot of great bargains in this size of clothing in particular on EBay. I love your version Judy.

Those toddlers are my favorites to do. I have just finished 3 custom toddlers - Kitten, Cookie and Annie. I think they have great “personalities” and YES - fun to shop for and dress.

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I’m not ready to do a Toddler! My hair rooting leaves ALOT to be desired. lol
But I love owning them, dressing them and displaying them. Especially around Christmas time. Posed by the Christmas tree.

Well - me too. I am terrible at rooting and would never root a toddler. All my toddlers have wigs.

thanks guys!!

I use wigs on the toddlers and have been very pleased. For ladybug I’ve actually used clothes as big as 18 mos. Seems that certain brands tend to run small. I definitely recommend taking a measuring tape (or even the finished doll) when shopping for clothes