Ladybug is ready to travel

I ordered this to carry ladybug with me on the airplane. I’m going to Maryland for the holiday. I decided to take ladybug with me even though my sister has not paid for her. It will save on shipping cost. She will have on pants so the black won’t rub against her skin. I’m excited to be going. I haven’t done anything for the holiday in years. I’ve always worked on the holiday. But most of all, I get to spend time with my daughter. It’s just me, my husband, my 2 sons n grandkids here. My daughter, sisters, cousins n rest of family is in Maryland.


Take your business cards with your too as I am sure you and baby will get lots of attention! :slight_smile:


I will thanks. I was suppose to have my son create a webpage for me. I’ll see if he can before I leave Wednesday.

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I’ve got one of those, too. I’m bringing a baby to ROSE. I’ll carry her on the plane. The last time I did this, I took the carrier off, with the doll in it, and put it in the TSA bin. There was a collective gasp of horror behind me until I reassured everybody it wasn’t real baby. Then they wanted to see it and asked for business cards. It was pretty funny.


Lol, I bet, I’m gonna do the same thing.

Have fun!

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Have a great time! Safe travels and take lots of pictures!

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Thank you

Thank you, I will.

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Yay we need a pic of you carrying her at the BB Paint Party!


I will definitely take s picture n post it.

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That’s funny!:rofl::rofl: