Ladies and BB please help bought off ebay 1st or 2nds?

I bought this off ebay, and as it turns out the woman I bought it off comes to this forum. I read her post and she thinks I am a scam artist because I wanted a partial refund instead of to return the item for a full refund.

The reason I wanted a partial refund is because if I am paying $65 to get a FIRST quality kit, I want a first quality kit.

If it is beat up, okay I admit I still want it a little, but I do not want to pay $65 for a low than first quality kit.

Tell me ladies if this is a first quality kit or not. I want your honest opinions. I did not think Bountiful Baby produced kits like this to be sold as firsts. I have never bought kits off BB with melted looking flanges (not that the flanges matter, its just I never have received one like that.) But do first kits go out with melted looking flanges because Ive never got one like that, which also makes me think its seconds.
I just dont think I should pay 65 dollars for a seconds kit. she told me i can return, but hopefully she sees this, and can see that i am not trying to scam her. i felt upset after i read that. and i hope she sees this so she will think good of me, and know i am not a bad person.

I just hope she sees this and if anything just understand where I’m coming from because I am not a scam artist- just a regular person.

Actually, I have to say that I have had the marks on the flange before. I am guessing that it occurs when manufactured. But your flange has an indentation that does not make it round. Also, I see the mark under her chin and marks around the ear very clearly. Just from pictures, I wonder if it is even seconds. Jmo

Thanks Kim- see I actually made a post about this the day I got it too and BB responded. There is a big step-like dent thing (its not even a dent, its like the vinyl is not smooth-like a ridge? its hard to explain) from the ear down, and then on the back of the head. the chin is what concerns me alot but the ridge thing is what made me think its seconds. and i just wish she could have told about these things before i bought it you know? but she said i can return but i kinda wanted to keep it and try to work around the defects but my i was trying to explain it to her and was hoping still to keep it but since there were all these things i did not know about that it shouldnt be sold as top quality. i am not a scam artist, just a one income family with a husband that works an hourly wage and two toddlers and i just need to get my moneys worth. so she said she’ll refund me i was just hurt when i saw her reply to a post on here.

It doesn’t look to be in the best shape, but when did BB have ‘second’ Shyann peach heads? I have people ask that question quite a bit on this forum and many ask when a specific kit ‘seconds’ will be available. I’m quite sure that BB doesn’t request the factory to send ‘bad’ kits over.
I do feel as a seller, though, that the shape of the kit should be disclosed to the buyer with pictures and descriptions, but not necessarily as a first quality or second quality kit. Frankly, I think many buyers wouldn’t know what you meant. It’s a matter of~Do you want the kit or not?
As a seller, I would be weary of any buyer that request a partial refund. It does sound fishy. Partial refunds should be offered through the seller as a possible resolution, not requested from the buyer. I understand Kristi’s wanting the kit back. Kristi feels that it is worth $65 and that is all that matters. At this point, she may be able to get the dents out herself and then relist and make more.
Now that you have posted pics, have you discussed with Kristi about trying to get them out before sending it back. You need to consider the price of postage sending it back and then buying another from someone else, plus more postage, before making a decision. How much is that kit worth to you?
One more thing…If you keep the kit and are able to reborn it successful(hiding the flaws), are you going to list the baby as second quality or put in the description that it was reborned from a second quality kit?

See, cajuncuties, I bought a first quality kit to not have to deal with all of that. I sell on ebay as well, and have had a buyer request a partial refund for some records, and granted it to keep the customer happy. Wether she can fix the dents and make more money or not I don’t know. its just that honestly- would you have sent this out without the buyer being aware of it?

Thats totally fine I am going to send it back because I have been selling items on ebay for quite some time (not reborning items) and I wouldn’t consider not listing an items condition. Granted after its all said and done she is going to take it back- and thats fine. but just wanted to clear the air–

Oh well im gonna return it, the only reason I posted anything here is because i saw she replied to a post (i didnt even know she was on here too! what a small world!) saying that she thought I was scamming. so that hurt my feelings and i just needed to clear the air.
i told myself i will only buy from BB and thats what I’m gonna have to do. thanks for listening girls. have a great day

Yeah I think that they definitely need to do that. Oh well case solved I guess

I am a very honest person and would state that it was made from a less than first quality. When I have had a flaw, I state how I worked around it and made sure I provided a close up. In this case, I am not sure how well these flaws on the head can be work with. The area below the chin might not be fixable. I also had a head flange that did have an indentation and I had a hard time getting the neck ring on and when I did, it didn’t have the greatest fit. It worked out ok, though. Bottom line—people need to disclose information that is essential to the quality of the product. The old saying goes–honesty is the best policy.

Exactly like i said the flanges werent the issue, i just hadnt seen flanges like that on a 1st kit. it wasnt because the flanges were messed up, of course, it was because of the lines and dents and whatnot. that is all up to the seller. but anyway she made good i returned it. that is something you need to mention. if i sold a ceramic and failed to mention a chip or paint loss um yeah id have to pay up or let them return it.

so all in all she let me return it, which is great- she is a good seller i mean no disrespect, i just wanted to clear the air and vent a bit.

so yeah i returned it. but just for future reference if someone is selling a kit and there are divits or whatever just mention it to the buyer- likely they will take it anyway-- just it will save everyone from surprises and headaches.

I agree with you, Dianne. I hate to see those kits on ebay that are considerably higher than BB. You know all they are doing it trying to make that extra buck. I don’t know why anyone would buy from them. There’s one seller that must spend a fortune on kits when they are restocked. BB is the only one I buy from. Their customer service is great and if there are issues they will try to work things out.

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I agree with you, Dianne. I hate to see those kits on ebay that are considerably higher than BB.

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I see several on Ebay for $60 and $65. I even bought one for $60 with $10 shipping just a few days ago. I have also paid $200 for a kit that originally sold for $100. Why…because I wanted it.
So, let’s break this down…
If the person bought it here for $40(before BB price increase to $50) and they paid $5 shipping(being generous), then their cost was $45. If they bought the kit for $50, then cost was $55.
Now, they sell it on Ebay for $60, plus $10 shipping. Ebay/Paypal takes roughly 10%, shipping runs about $6, plus $1 more for shipping supplies(depending on where they get the box), and the cost of the gasoline to get to the post office and store to buy supplies~$2(unless they ask for free pickup). So, out of that $70 they received, they pocketed $55, making their profit between $10-$20. And, of course, you would have to consider the time spent listing the auction, packing the kits for shipping, printing addresses, delivery confirmation, etc.

The way I see it…They are probably not lining their driveways with gold bricks. But, if that little extra money helps pay bills, allows them to get more supplies for reborning, buy something special for a loved one, or sadly, because they can’t afford a medical expense or funeral costs, so be it. I will never berate someone for making a profit. Shouldn’t we all say, “Good for them!”? Of course, I’m talking legal/ethical aspects on things.

When kits sell, it usually means that they are popular. When they are popular, the reborns will be more in demand. Isn’t that what we want? It has to be because I sure see lots of posts where artists are upset about their dolls not selling or they aren’t bringing enough profit to keep going.

**What you have to remember is the law of supply and demand. It’s not the seller that sets the price. Ultimately, it’s the buyer. Nothing is worth anything unless someone else is willing to pay for it. **

You don’t think BB went up on Shyann’s kit price because they weren’t selling, do you?

And, yes, I bought some from BB at both the $40 and $50. And, if I choose to not reborn all the kits, then I will sell them on Ebay for what someone is willing to pay~profit or not.

What does “starving artist” have to do with selling kits on Ebay?

I have purchased quite a few “first” kits that had all kinds of abnormalities to them. Things like bumps and dents and flanges that looked just like the one you showed. Libby I think was the worst. But her head sculpt also WAS bumpy and dented from the artist.
I also have gotten some of those 110 dollar kits who also have the same issues. do not think that a flange problem should qualify a kit as a second…but if it affects the actual viewed area of the baby then yes there is a problem there.
When you buy from a secondary source you have to beware…very wary…they are out for themselves whereas places like BB are in it for a long haul and thier reputations are dependent on good service and quality. I would rather go with the latter than the first.

Secondary markets are never a good thing, in my opinion.

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There are three or four names on the flange because several sculpts use the same limbs.

Hi, I did send it back and the seller granted my request for a refund. I just wanted to let people know watch out when buying off ebay or from an unknown source. And also wanted to show the problem I was having. It wasn’t the flanges I was upset about I was just showing those too, it was the condition of the head. It sucks because it cost me over 12 dollars to ship it back, and if only the woman would’ve told me the head was in this condition. I know some people say that that is the risk of buying off ebay, but I sell on ebay as well, and believe it is the responsibility of the seller to disclose such information about the item. So I will only do business with Bb and that’s it from now on. I don’t have spare cash to throw down the toilet, know what I mean?