Kovu plate...again

So, I know this has been talked about before but I just finished Kovu and I’m so disappointed in his belly plate. Wth? I can’t even find a position to put him in that would make it look ok in photos. Should I just sell him without the plate?


Personally I would not send it…

What size body do you have on him?
I heard he is small. Is he 17 inches?


I just put on the body that came with him. I believe he is 17". I’ll try to see what I can do when I do his photoshoot but I just feel like it’s misleading. When the buyer receives him they’re gonna be like, “what the heck?”


Maybe give the option of trimming it to an oval plate?


Try him on a shorter body.

That’s a good idea.

Unfortunately, I don’t have one.

Think of twin a and b belly plates- they are weird too. I don’t think that it is disproportionate. It’s just cut weird. So display it with the onesie pulled up in the areas to show it well, and then also show a photo of it next to the items you’ll be sending in one big photo (show belly plate, COA, diapers, paci) that way the customer can see that it looks well on the baby, and what it looks like- the cut of it , off.
But yes, sell it, send with it.


I would do a few diaper shirt shots with it and send it on. People don’t care much about them once they receive them anyways. Most of them wind up being packed away once the doll is received.


I agree, I would send it. If I bought this baby and knew the kit came with a belly plate, I’d be disappointed if it wasn’t included. It’s not your fault that it is not proportionate, and most buyers will know that. Besides, I really don’t think it looks weirder than most other belly plates. Not many of them fit perfectly, and chances are the customer won’t use it for display. Send it as is, and let the customer decide what they want to do.


I got a few good shots.


Good advice @katieperry !

The 3rd one is really good!

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Those look great!

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You got some great shots! Looks fine from this point of view!

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The plate is a bit weird but looks nice with the clothes. That baby is Awesome, just beautiful, Great job!!

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Thank you!! :blush:


Those pics look great. I know she’s a new sculptor. But it’s a shame that nobody made her fix that before sending it to the factory. Then again, the sculptor should know body proportions before trying to sculpt. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I often hear people say this but I’m not experiencing any difficulties with the plate. :woman_shrugging:t4:


What body do you have on him? I think the body or maybe the stuffing is the issue

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