Kits Question

I have listed several of my kits for $50 plus shipping and extra $10 for a body. I have yet to have anyone even ask about them.I offered them at $65 including shipping and no one was interested, I thought I was in the ball park with pricing as kits are $69.95 and $9.95 shipping for 1st quality with COA and bodies are all up in price also. Am I too high in my pricing or what? I included shipping, then tried not including shipping and I am curious because these are out of stock kits and a bunch of other kits. Safety photos are on my F/S listings if anyone is interested. Thank you.

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I’m broke or would have jumped on a couple. I think your pricing is fair.

You should include a link here to your post

I think with BB now constantly having 50% sales and seconds, people are not desperate any longer to pay almost full price for the kit, unless they absolutely need it for customs. That would be my only explanation.


I think your pricing is fair as well. I don’t do customs though, so I’ve been holding off unless I see a kit at 50% I really want.

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I think your pricing is more than fair. I’d just leave everything as is and wait. Try listing here as well.

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