Kits + Other Items for Sale ENDED

Sale over, thank you to everyone who purchased :heart: Shipping is provided via PayPal or DM :heart:


Why do you people keep doing this to me? lol


Lol I have too many items :joy:

Ok! I’d like the 2 NB sets and the 0-3 Child of Mine set. Will pay you now!

You are wanting the $15, $5, and $10 ones correct?

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Yes ma’am. Just paid. Thank you :kissing_heart:

Thank you, I’ll mark it sold

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I would like the 3-6 month layette set.

The $15 set pink? :heart:

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Yes I went ahead and paid :slight_smile:

Thank you, I received it :heart:

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I’d like Margot!!!

Okay what’s your PayPal?

Sent :heart:

Paid. TYVM!!!

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Are these available? Is your home smoke free?

The tummy plate is available and my home is smoke free…I have 2 puppies :heart: The red and white sleeper has sold