Kits for sale, I have way to many!

I am de-stashing as I have way to many kits that I will never get to. Let me know if interested in anything. Thanks in advance for taking the time to look.
All BB kits come with bodies. Can send pictures upon request.

UPDATED to remove all the sold kits!
ELLIOT W/ BODY $35 Plus shipping.- SOLD
Jessie w/ BODY (2) $30 each plus shipping.- SOLD
Clyde AWAKE with Body and COA, $30 Plus shipping - SOLD
Standing Tibby with body $40 plus shipping-SOLD

None BB
Eva -Jannie De Lange $65 plus shipping - SOLD


How much to ship Eva to 15650, please?



Thank you!

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You’re welcome!

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Updated, so bumping up!

Any chance you would split the Megan kit? I’m just needing the head. Also curious if you know which body you have for her?

@RebornHuggles here’s a Megan kit

GM, I think it is body 5920. And no I won’t split the kit, sorry.


I know ur looking for a Megan kit



Do you still have your Megan kit for sale? I’ve been looking for her.

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I do

I do have megan still…

Perfect! I will take her :slight_smile: 85210 is zip

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She’s 35with body, plus 14.95 shipping…

Yes, invoice has been paid :slight_smile:

I sent you a pm.

Updated list to remove the sold kits!
Thanks everyone!