Kits for sale 6/2022

Hello all, I have a few kits for sale, I can provide photos :heart: Smoke free house but I have 2 canines :heart: Open to offers if you’d like the kit but not the price :heart:

Sam Gudrun Leger w/ body - $99 shipped

Rosalee Auer w/ body - $95 shipped

3 YR old June w/ body - $90 shipped

Calix head with cuddle body NO COA - $70 shipped

Missy Blick w/ body - $299 shipped

Sage Happy w/body - $85 shipped

Brooklyn Crawler w/body - $85 shipped

Brooklyn 8 m w/body - $95 shipped

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Do any of them include bodies?

Yes, all of them lol, sorry I’ll write that in the listing :heart: