Kits coming up for sale... pricing help!

Hello everyone!! I haven’t been on here much in the past year and yet my kit collection has grown again :sweat_smile: Just too many cute kits!! I’m looking to clear out most of my collection for now as I will be moving soon. Hoping for quick sales with reasonable prices and want to gauge an interest in some kits and possibly some input on pricing? Some of these I have a general idea but others I’m lost on
Zoe by Natalie Blick
Missy by Natalie Blick
Sandy by Joanna K
Elijah by Joanna K
April by Joanna K
Delilah by Nikki Johnston
Serena by Tay Frietas
Macie by Cassie Brace
Ramsey by Cassie Brace
Luxe by Cassie Brace
Neveah by Cassie Brace
Laura by Bonnie Brown
Quinlyn by Bonnie Brown and Adrie Stoete
Scarlett by Bonnie Brown
Adelya by Olga Auer
Realborn Darren Asleep Heads
Realborn Joseph Asleep Heads
Realborn Evelyn Asleep Heads


Interested in Ramsey, Luxe, and Scarlett :heart_eyes:


Second for being interested Scarlett Bonnie brown depending on price

Interested in Delilah depending on price :heart:

I’d love Scarlett darn your quickness.


You wouldn’t happen to have a Jack Johnston hiding somewhere would you😂


Lots of people looking for Missy Blick and April K, Deliah is sought after too. Check out some of the FB page sale sites to help with pricing.

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I think I’m Third on Scarlett if anyone else passes on her…but if she’s gonna be priced at $250 that’s an awesome deal so I will accept the loss😂
Second on luxe @ellakabella passes on him

I’m interested in Adelya

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Interested in April and Ramsey depending on price.

I love her. I just dont have extra kit money so not able to try to get any :wink: good luck everyone


Hello everyone!! Was not expecting such a big response but thank you all for your interest! I am away this weekend and plan on pulling the kits monday for some pics and just to make sure everyone has all their arms and legs and certs. I’m taking a look at some recently sold kits but honestly I just want to sell them so I’m gonna try to price reasonably. I know off the bat Adelya I was gonna ask $95 and Scarlett, Ramsey, and April I was thinking $250 ish range. I have a bunch of messages and the responses on here so I’m gonna go through in order to be fair on who got to which kit first. There are a few kits I know I have multiples of (april and zoey off the top of my head). Will come back monday will a list of prices and start going through each person. Hope everyone finds a kit they want!!


Unfortunately, no. I had two but sold them a while ago!! BOL finding him he is so cute!

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I want Adelya please.

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If @ellakabella passes on Scarlett I’m interested in Scarlett by Bonnie brown

He is elusive and terribly expensive, but i love his face!

It would be a better investment for you if you’d go over to the $50 kit section at Macpherson or to bountiful baby. You could get 5 or more of those kits for the price of one Scarlett. The profit margin would be better on 5 regular kits. It would be hard to make a profit with a $250 kit. But for people like @ellakabella who sell their dolls for $1450 and up, a $250 kit is a reasonable investment.


Goals :heart::heart::heart:


Goals for sure! :heart::heart::heart:


I just got a blank Delilah for $140 shipped, but I think that’s lower than average