Kits, clothes, accessories BAN

I really really need to go on a BAN of anything reborn or baby related!! Please tell me I am not alone…my son moved out in June, and I made his room a nursery, tub after tub of clothes, kits, cradle, car seat (BTW, I need a non gendered one since the one I have is pink), bouncer chairs (yes, I have 3), I even have a Johnny jump-up, teddies, Kewpie dolls, blankets, omgosh, just reading this is making *&^crazy :slight_smile: Is there a medication for this addiction?? LOL.


I just love in a apartment so I have a desk where I paint and a pack n play where I put finished dolls in and 2 car seats in my bedroom so my room is crowded with bed, desk, car seats, dresser, pack n play and I store my kits in a box when I have $ to order some. I just ran out almost got one I’m working on them I got custom that it for kits right now and I got lots of baby clothing though in my closet in couple bins

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I have been scouring the FB marketplace for a mini crib or cradle. I don’t have enough room for a full size crib and I don’t want a pack n play because I want to use the bed for photos.

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I regret now giving all my beautiful baby stuff ! I need a little bed or moise of some sort ! Maybe a car seat too !
I have an antique high chair and a cradle but my daughter use them for her own dolls.

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I have so much stuff in this room. It stresses me out. One side of the closet is full of baby clothes. I have about 6 totes of kits. About 3 totes of clothes. Plus 8 basket bins of clothes on the shelf. I’m addicted to going to the goodwill on Mondays, cause it’s half off. I have no where to store the clothes I keep buying. This was the room about a month ago. The bottom bunk is for the grandkids when they come ove. I gotta clean it off everytime they come over. Top bunk is for completed dolls.


You are now one of us. Welcome to the rabbit hole!


You are not alone! :rofl:

LOL :laughing: