Kit today

I’ve been waiting and hoping the kit would go on sale and today was my lucky day!! I was so in a rush to pay I didn’t even add his body. :rofl:


Same! :rofl: With how popular he was last time I knew the second I saw him I had to jump on it at the very moment I thought for sure I didn’t have time to go searching for a body.

Right!! I remember hearing some had kits in the cart and as they were paying it vanished because it sold out. I missed out on Michael so I jumped on this one!!

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Yay!!! I have been waiting for him to come back in stock. I almost bought bought him yesterday and decided to wait. So glad I waited. I love him so much. I got 2 because I wanna keep one for myself!

Y’all are killing me! I always come straight to the forum and bypass the front page so I’m not tempted. But dang it then I open these threads and go shopping. :woman_facepalming: I did need those bodies though so I grabbed some to stock up. :wink:

For those who are coming here and havent seen yet, it’s Christoper with the 19" zip tie body.


I got him! I was a frantic mess typing in what I needed and hoping he didn’t disappear from my cart :joy: I managed to get a body, plugs, and weighting material all in a few minutes.


I Have to pass. Dolly money is too low. lol

Awwww. I missed him, but was on internet late last night and got Sleeping Michael.

As usual I’m too late, love that kit, so adorable.

I missed him and bought him full price the other day

:joy: isn’t it amazing how fast you can type when you really “want” something :joy::rofl: any other time, I’m slower than a turtle!!

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I did that once. I wanted a kit and it came on sale. I didn’t think I would get it purchased before it went out! So, I hurried and purchased it, and then went back and made another order for the rest of the things I needed for the kit! I spent 2X’s the shipping, but I got the kit. I wouldn’t do that too often, but I can sure understand why you did!

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He’s out of stock now.