Kit Suggestions please! 3-6 month size! 22-23 inch

Hey ladies!
I need suggestions on doll kits that will end up wearing 3-6 month clothing. But, it would be amazing if the kits you suggest aren’t a pain in the tush to root. So maybe softer vinyl instead of harder vinyl.

I know BB has the Michelle Fagan triplets (Grant, Easton, Elliot) and the LLE twins, but I’m looking for other facial expressions. It would be nice if the kits had full limbs, but it really doesn’t matter to me.

I will be making twins (not decided on fraternal or identical), but I’ll be making a boy and a girl to wear the outfits I took out of the Traveling Pants box that @TanyaT is hosting. (outfits were placed by @GrammysReborns who has excellent taste IMO)

Thanks in advance!

Edit:: BB or non-BB kits are great. As long as they are reasonably affordable!


Not necessarily. The outfit set I have is for 0-6 month. I already tried one of the outfits on my chubbier 3 month sized babies, and it was a little too snug! So I thought a 3-6 month kit would be great. BB or non-BB kits work!

23 to 24 inch babies wear 3 to 6 months, 25 inch start wearing 9 months!

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BB’s Elliot, Grant and Easton wear some 3-6 month clothes.