Kit sale

Anyone getting a kit or two or three that are on sale? I just got Cozy as a second.


I wanted one of each But I promised I would not buy another kit till at least one of my dolls sold!!! Im kinda sad to see a sale with so many and not be able to buy something…

yeah when there’s a good kit sale you can’t do that.


I had several sitting in my cart but I really cant afford any right now so I dumped them back out

i know what you all mean. Espically with Christmas. But Santa told me i had to get at least one to put under the tree from him. LOL!

— Begin quote from “huskergal”

I want to buy a few of them soooooooooooo bad but my the hubby isn’t too happy with the idea of me buying any more until I sell one too =(

— End quote

Same here. I have a small stock pile but not any of the new babies

I had to work and missed the sale I was waiting for! I wanted to get Cozy if it ever went on sale. Oh well, maybe next time.