Kit name?

Hoping someone can name this kit. Thanks.

Does it have any name or initials on back of head?

Mae Louise kit by Alicia Toner


Thank you.

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It is for sale on Craigslist. The seller did not know the name of the kit but finally told me it was by Alicia Toner. I looked it up on MacPhearson’s. I emailed her back and told her the kit name and the original selling price and ask what her price was. She replied back that I sounded like a reborn artist and was trying to take advantage of her. Accused me of already knowing the info before asking her and said she would not sell to me. Good Grief.


Ugh. Sounds like you dodge the bullet on that crazy :wink: Goodness


Oh my goodnesz!!, :flushed: people are crazy!!! I’m glad you caught it!!

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Wait, she is selling a kit and is being mean about you being a reborn artist?
Why else would you buy a blank kit? Decoration? To play soccer with the head?


Omg right!!! She sounds insane!!!
Why would a reborn artist want to buy a reborn kit? This is blasphemy!
That seller sounds nuts


Ya have to laugh at poor people like that.

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