Kit match without pictures, descriptions only?

Hey guys! Super excited because I have a lady interested in a custom.

She wants a baby made of her late granddaughter, who she unfortunately doesn’t have pictures of.

What she wants in the doll is

Bigger ‘round’ eyes
Button nose
Fuller top lip than bottom.

She’d prefer newborn to 0-3 size but is willing to consider others.

If you guys have any kit ideas, we’d really appreciate them!

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Donna Rubert babies all have the cutest noses
Here is Jesse who came to mind from reading your description :slight_smile:


wow she definitely fits the description I would show this picture to the woman and see if this is what she wants

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Does she want open eyes or a sleeping baby? I’m assuming by round eyes she’s wanting awake…?

Awake :blush:

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She definitely likes this one and wants to keep her in mind! I’m going through all the kits at macphersons right now :joy:

If you want big eyes and a button nose look at some of the Linda Murray kits

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I soooo wish there was a kit customizer. I know it’s not doable but it would be nice. She loves the lips on gabygail and Levi, the nose on some of Evelina Wosnjuk’s work, and the round eyes on others.

She isn’t being difficult at all, but I really want to find a good kit for such a special baby


Here are some that came to mind for me. Best of luck, I’m sure there is the perfect kit out there!


You’ve got it! She says Enya is just perfect! Thank you so much!


Yay so glad she likes her! I can’t wait to see what you do with Enya :slight_smile: