Kit match? IMO yes....seeking opinions

I am slowly working my way up to spending big bucks to buy Katie Marie Timmerman to make into a double of my daughter Jodie…now approaching 50. I’ve done my grandchildren, so now I want to go way back in history and do my 4 children. If I live long enough LOL.


Looks like a good match.

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I think it looks like a pretty good match.

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Looks like a great match!

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Excellent match in my opinion!

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Great match. If you dare, you can make that little dimple with a Dremel.



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That really scares me because I tried to put dimple on a Bonnie sculpt to make my Joy doll. I had to take it back off with sculpey. But then…if I had a Dremmel. Hmmm

Great match!!

@pschomaker Phylis, I have a Katie Marie kit I would sell you for $100 including body and shipping. If interested, PM me.