Kit match ideas?

I have a custom order for a family friend, these are the pictures I have to go off of for the portrait baby. I was thinking maybe Sansa for the first one?

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Also I’ve never done a toddler before so I don’t think I’d feel comfortable doing a portrait baby as my first tot…

Sansa is good. Her head is very hard, so you will need a salt lamp like if you are going to root her. I would go with another Ping Lau kit for the sister. They will be naturally similar.

Sansa is a great match. So is Raven

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My Sansa was super soft


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My Sansa is very soft . I stoped painting her because I use GHSP and I was afraid that the kit will melt

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I baked mine and she was okay

Cammi by Ping Lau would work for the second picture. She is a toddler, though.

Dang, maybe I got an old one? Her limbs are super soft, but her head is really hard. She was a needle-breaker for sure.

Just like my Andi kit, I got a really soft one while others got hard. It’s weird they aren’t all the same.

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I have Sansa and was surprised how soft and squishy her head is. It feels the same as limbs.

Edited: I see that other RA commented that their Sasas were soft also.