Kit match help please

I want to make my mom a portrait baby of me! Can anyone suggest a kit? (Prefer non-BB)
(Sorry for two of the same pic one looked a bit blurry to me)

Thanks in advance!


I’m thinking one of Andrea Arcello’s sculpts. The chin reminds me of Maizie!

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Thank you I’ll go look her up!

This one could be used, maybe it’s not great but its all I had off the top of my head lol… she is Estelle Sculpt by Evelina Wosnjuk


Ooooh those are some great suggestions! I especially like Moira!

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Do you ladies think Nova would work? If I painted and did the hair just right?


Thank you! I found this picture in my dads toolbox today and kind of freaked bc I KNEW I had to make a portrait of this pic! He’s got 4 pictures taped in his toolbox and I am 3 of them LOL (not that funny unless you know that he has 8 kids lmbo)