Kit match help please, for my youngest!

Hello sweet ladies! I’m slowly trying to get kits for each of my 3 children. Joseph is an exact replica of my oldest son, I found a kit that highly resembles my daughter, but I’m having trouble finding a good match for my youngest son. He’s 3 now. I do not play favorites with my children but my youngest is just…different. We’ve been through a lot with his health. A lot of tears, doctors, therapy, and incorrect diagnoses. I’m happy to say that he’s 100 percent healthy now and is even already reading! We never dreamed that would happen! He’s a mama’s boy and although he will be 4 in June, he still loves to be held and sang to. I’ve looked at BB kits and others as well and just can’t seem to find a match for his baby pics. I’m attempting to post three of his baby pics below. I hope it works! Any suggestions or input are greatly appreciated. I’m a beginner artist and i’m satisfied with my work so far but I figured I’d paint my keeper babies first and kinda use them to learn different techniques on. Selling is years away for me. I homeschool all three and painting is what I do in my “me” time…which I don’t get alot of! Haha Thanks again.


He sure is a cutie!! The last pic reminds me a little of Sansa


Oh my gosh! I LOVE him! Great suggestion, thank you!

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April, by Natalie Blick, resembles his facial features, especially his eyes, I think.

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@KristiofCa I did a search for April and I agree, its a good match for sure! However, when I was searching for images of the April kit I ran across the Romeo kit by Natali and holy crap. It’s almost dead on. Even my husband saw the resemblance and that’s a rarity. Haha. I’m new to reborning so I don’t know when this kit was released but apparently nobody has it. Thanks so much for the suggestion, not only is April great but I found Romeo through it. I’m going to attempt to find the Romeo kit but I have my doubts i’m gonna find him.

Another Blick kit that may work is Elise

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Wow @jlesser !!! Thes Blick kits are amazing! Elise too is very close. I’m going to look at some OOAK images and compare more pics. Multiple people commented when my son was born that he didn’t look like a “newborn.” I really love the April kit, this one, and Romeo. So far Romeo is my top pick but thats probably going to be impossible to find! I’m going to post in the for sale/wanted category and if I have no luck, hopefully I will with April or Elise. You ladies are awesome! A side note just for a laugh - I was born bald and when my hair came in, it was solid white. It stayed very blonde into my teens. The same was the case for my husband. We have three kids. Our first two babies came out bald with blonde fuzz and are very very blonde. When Reid (my youngest was born) I had to have a c section. The first glimpse I saw of him was a head full of very dark brown hair. Between the medications and the shock I literally said, “What the h***!” My husband looked at me like…wait, what? Haha. So people have made many jokes about this child and where he “really” came from! There is also a kind of creepy aspect to the story. I didn’t announce my pregnancy with Reid until 12 weeks in. A month or so before that, my grandmother who was nearing the end of her life but was still very much coherent, started speaking of a new child coming into the family, a boy. No-one else was pregnant and she had no way of knowing I was. She died before my son was born and we drove 12 hours to our home state (Alabama) for her funeral. Just after her funeral, and before we left to make the drive back, I was told by my aunts who took care of her what she had said about a baby boy. The strangest part about it was that he was born with dark hair like hers and looked very much like her and especially one of her brothers. That brother of my grandmothers passed away the day of my grandmother’s funeral. We were unable to attend his funeral because it was in the opposite direction - in New Mexico and would have been another 12 hour drive from where we live in Texas. So he’s a little extra special to me…I see them in him so much…so they’re kinda always with me.


This is on ebay right now:
image With a little tweaking of the eyes so that they are not looking inward like this one, it does look somewhat like your little one.

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Oh my gosh! I love it! Gonna try to locate it.

@KristiofCa I have a picture of him that seriously looks crazy similar to this one!!!

Yay! I hope you can purchase it on ebay. Good luck!

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Thank you! I love this board. You are all so sweet!