Kit match help for this sweetie

I’m looking for a sculpt to match this little sweetie. Her name is Maggie, and she’s just a few days old, She’s a friends baby.



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Watching because Maggie is amazing!


Lexi BB

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What about realborn summer rain or Ana?

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Andi by Linda Murray

He’s Asleep/She’s Asleep by Tina Kewy

Joshua by Reva Schick

She also looks a bit like Kase Asleep


I like the Andi!

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Hmm…Wow, I just love the hand!!
Her lips and nose look like Ellis by Olga Auer, but her hand…That hand!!
Oh, I got it! The hand matches somewhat Realborn Ana’s right hand!!
Presley asleep? Clyde asleep? Kase asleep?
I know these are just Realborns, but those are the only ones I’m seeing in my Google search that really match her IMO…

Or this Berenguer head (don’t know which berenguer it is, sorry…)


I was thinking Ana too

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Yelina Eliza Marx

Martha Grace by Adrie Stoete.

Tracy Rubert

I see scarlet brown

Wow. Lots of good ideas…I really like Andi, but I hate linda murrays boxy hands and feet. lol.

You can always change the limbs.

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