Kit match help for gift

I would like to do a baby for my mom for Mother’s Day this year. She apparently never took any pictures of me sleeping so I’m stuck with an awake baby. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Please help me match this picture. Thank you!


Aubrey, Crystal,or possibly Willow flower. Holly.

Heather would be a good match for sleeping I think.

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Agree with Miranda about Holly. Also Eliza?


Maybe Rieke Scherer?


Gracie might work.


I know nothing so you can throw this advice out the window if you want but maybe Hattie Brace for a sleeper?


Thank you all! My husband said I need to find one with Gracie’s eyes and Rieke’s mouth. I’m thinking Gracie but may reach out to my aunts to see if they have any.


Melanie by Irina Kaplanskaya

looks like she might be a good match too.


That is a good match! I think I am going to go in another direction though. I was sending pics to my sister to get her opinion and she suggested that instead of me I do my niece (her daughter) who died of SIDS almost 11 years ago. I had never suggested it because my sister doesn’t even put pictures of Alexis up in her house although she didn’t mind my mom and I keeping a picture in our houses. I asked her if she was sure and she said yes and that she was someday going to pay me to make her one. I am now of course going to make them both one for Mother’s Day. Alexis was born 3 months early, 2lbs 11 oz and 13 inches and my sister would prefer that size to a match closer to her age when she became an angel. I found this LE Mila 14 inches and think it’s a good match but wanted to see if anyone thought a different kit would be better.


Mila looks like a good match to me. BB Caleb might work too, but I like Mila better for a good match.

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I’m thinking Melanie is a right on match.

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It’s hard to tell because you can’t see her face in the pics but I think Mila would be good.