Kit match grandson (deleting his pics)

I have a couple in mind…just wanna see what you guys think?


He looks like big Joseph to me

He’s our world!


Reminds me of Jocy.


His dad, Tim…then Declan…me on the bottom


Sort of, but I’m not a fan of her lips

I know what you mean but I think it would be fairly easy to make the upper lip fuller and less pointy in the center.

Oh be still my heart he is stealing it thats for sure!

I can’t help with the kit, but omg he is adorable

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He is sooo cute!

What about Lavender awake.

He is precious!

Big joe, possibly, but I really don’t like his fat limbs

I am stuck on kit suggestions right now… all I can think of is Melissa’s son… lol. (she isnt on here anymore though I dont think)

I’ve seen a couple folks trade his limbs out for Grant’s. I suppose you could do the same for June now, though, that would get pricey.

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Big Joe different limbs ?

He’s such a darling!

I saw this from someone on this forum. Think it’s close.

Might work!

I know, right?

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