Kit match for tiny me

Kit matches are usually so easy for me, but for some reason, when looking at myself, I find it difficult. My mom has never really liked the dolls, and it really surprised me when she asked if I could make her one. I’d love a kit similar to this photo

But if you think of one similar to this, it would be great too!

(Sorry for the bad angle :yum:)

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I see Juno Lopes or Robin Johnson. But I feel like there’s a closer match. I just can’t think of who. @jlesser probably knows.


The bottom one looks like realborn Darren.

These are great matches

Harlow’s a good match. Robin by Adrie Stoete would work, too.

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Harlow? But she is 21 inches


Yes Harlow! She is the closest match in my opinion.

My mom loves Harlow! I’ve actually liked the kit for a while, but didn’t think of it!

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The top picture reminds me a bit of the older Jewel by BB… the newer (re-sculpted) version’s head shape matches your photo better, but the eyes are rounder.


Like others have said, I think Harlow would be an amazing choice. She’s one of my favorites!

The bottom pic looks like an Evelina Wosnjuk sculpt. Maybe Mavie?



Harlow was the kit that immediately came to my mind too.

For the first picture, she looks a bit like a Linda Murray kit. At least in the eyes.

Amelie Faber?

I like that! Thank you!

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